sspt_ControlPoint Class Reference

Similar to an sspt_EditPoint, but has logic for handling selection. More...

#include <sspt_controlpoint.h>

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struct  span

Public Member Functions

 sspt_ControlPoint ()
 sspt_ControlPoint (const sspt_Vector3 &location, unsigned long id)
 sspt_ControlPoint (const sspt_EditPoint &p)
 sspt_ControlPoint (const sspt_ControlPoint &cp)
sspt_ControlPointoperator= (const sspt_ControlPoint &cp)
sspt_ControlPointoperator= (const sspt_EditPoint &p)
bool intersect (const sspt_Ray &r, double *t) const
bool near (const sspt_Vector3 &p) const
unsigned long id ()
sspt_Vector3 location () const
void draw ()
void drawFlat ()
void radius (double r)

Detailed Description

Similar to an sspt_EditPoint, but has logic for handling selection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sspt_ControlPoint::sspt_ControlPoint (  ) 

sspt_ControlPoint::sspt_ControlPoint ( const sspt_Vector3 location,
unsigned long  id 

sspt_ControlPoint::sspt_ControlPoint ( const sspt_EditPoint p  ) 

sspt_ControlPoint::sspt_ControlPoint ( const sspt_ControlPoint cp  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void sspt_ControlPoint::draw (  ) 

void sspt_ControlPoint::drawFlat (  ) 

unsigned long sspt_ControlPoint::id (  )  [inline]

bool sspt_ControlPoint::intersect ( const sspt_Ray r,
double *  t 
) const

sspt_Vector3 sspt_ControlPoint::location (  )  const [inline]

bool sspt_ControlPoint::near ( const sspt_Vector3 p  )  const

sspt_ControlPoint& sspt_ControlPoint::operator= ( const sspt_EditPoint p  ) 

sspt_ControlPoint& sspt_ControlPoint::operator= ( const sspt_ControlPoint cp  ) 

void sspt_ControlPoint::radius ( double  r  )  [inline]