sspt_BasicCamera Class Reference

Implements the standard perspective transform. More...

#include <sspt_basiccamera.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sspt_BasicCamera (double rotx, double roty, double rotz, double tx, double ty, double tz)
virtual ~sspt_BasicCamera ()
virtual sspt_HomogeneousMatrix createProjectionMatrix (const sspt_Frustum &view)
virtual sspt_HomogeneousVector viewNormal ()
virtual sspt_Ray convert (double xscreen, double yscreen, const sspt_Frustum &view)
virtual void applyModelViewTransform ()
virtual void updateVisibleRegion (sspt_VisibleRegion *r, const sspt_Frustum &view)
virtual void updateVisiblePlane (sspt_VisiblePlane *region, const sspt_Frustum &view)
void move (double dx, double dy, double dz)
void rotate (double pitch, double yaw, double roll)
void position (double *x, double *y, double *z)
void transform (sspt_HomogeneousMatrix *m)
void transform (const sspt_HomogeneousMatrix &m)

Detailed Description

Implements the standard perspective transform.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sspt_BasicCamera::sspt_BasicCamera ( double  rotx,
double  roty,
double  rotz,
double  tx,
double  ty,
double  tz 

virtual sspt_BasicCamera::~sspt_BasicCamera (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void sspt_BasicCamera::applyModelViewTransform (  )  [virtual]

Implements sspt_Camera.

virtual sspt_Ray sspt_BasicCamera::convert ( double  xscreen,
double  yscreen,
const sspt_Frustum view 
) [virtual]

Implements sspt_Camera.

virtual sspt_HomogeneousMatrix sspt_BasicCamera::createProjectionMatrix ( const sspt_Frustum view  )  [virtual]

Implements sspt_Camera.

void sspt_BasicCamera::move ( double  dx,
double  dy,
double  dz 

void sspt_BasicCamera::position ( double *  x,
double *  y,
double *  z 

void sspt_BasicCamera::rotate ( double  pitch,
double  yaw,
double  roll 

void sspt_BasicCamera::transform ( const sspt_HomogeneousMatrix m  ) 

void sspt_BasicCamera::transform ( sspt_HomogeneousMatrix m  ) 

virtual void sspt_BasicCamera::updateVisiblePlane ( sspt_VisiblePlane region,
const sspt_Frustum view 
) [inline, virtual]

Implements sspt_Camera.

virtual void sspt_BasicCamera::updateVisibleRegion ( sspt_VisibleRegion r,
const sspt_Frustum view 
) [virtual]

Implements sspt_Camera.

virtual sspt_HomogeneousVector sspt_BasicCamera::viewNormal (  )  [virtual]

Implements sspt_Camera.